Perth Bore Installations

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Installing a bore for your Perth home or property is a fantastic way to save money on your water bill, drought-proof your lawn and garden, sustainably water your garden and have a lifetime of reliable water at your disposal. Perth bore's are very accessible and many properties within Perth and surrounding areas are eligible to have a bore installed. On this page you'll find lots of great, useful information to help answer any questions you might have about getting a bore installed in your home. We'll start with a bit about what our Bore Installations team does, and why we're trusted to install reliable, affordable bores in Perth. 

Perth is the ideal location for water bores

If you're a Perth resident, you're lucky enough to be living on the Swan Coastal Plain, the area between the ocean and the Perth hills. This region has a rich source of water under its surface located within groundwater aquifers, providing ample amounts of water. This water is useful for many domestic purposes, such as water for your lawn, garden and plants. The water source is also very accessible, and depending on the depth to your nearest aquifer, drilling is required anywhere up to 30 metres at very affordable prices.    

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Why more people trust Joel Irrigation and Landscaping with their Perth bore installation

Our team has had the privilege of helping the people of Perth with their landscaping and irrigation projects for over 30 years. Over that time we've met so many great people looking to get more out of their property; whether that's to become more waterwise, save money on their water bill by installing a bore, or simply to get their reticulation system serviced in time for the hot summer months. No doubt you've heard the phrase "There's no job to big or too small," and that stands true for us.

In fact, there's not much we haven't seen when it comes to installing bore systems in Perth. This has resulted in a wealth of experience, expertise and most importantly, happy customers, who consistently benefit from our vast experience in the industry. Our experience is in both residential and commercial work, so we have the scope to care for your personal front and back yard, or install yards and irrigation for entire residential developments.

We are W.A. Water Authority Accredited Waterwise Contractors

Australia is one of the hottest places on Earth, and as an Australian resident we've got no doubt that you know what it takes to keep a healthy lawn and yard during the Summer months.

Water is a precious natural resource, and as a company that works with water and living landscapes ever day, we recognise how important it is to look after it.

That's why Joel Irrigation and Landscaping are a WA Water Authority Accredited Waterwise Contractor. We are committed to the design of water-efficient reticulation systems that suit the dry Perth climate.

Bore Installations, Servicing & Free Quotes  

  • Joel Irrigation can provide obligation-free quotes on all bore installations
  • Our professional drilling operators are highly experienced in local Western Australian conditions, and our preferred use of the well-known Lowara & Marlow range of pumps ensures a long-standing and efficient bore water supply
  • We can arrange a water analysis of the bore water to test for salinity, alkalinity and iron levels
  • All electrical install are performed by our own licensed electricians and meet the Western Power standards
  • Your bore comes with a 5 Year Warranty, and we provide a 2 Year Warranty on all pumps
  • We also provide carefree water conditioner to help with salts and alkalines in bore water

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